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Harness the Power of the Sun

Get a Complete Solar Panel Installation in San Antonio, TX

Solar energy is gaining popularity among homeowners as this eco-friendly option reduces energy bills significantly. Be the next one to enjoy these benefits by partnering with our experts at Referred Contracting Group! We’re professional contractors with over 15 years of experience serving our neighbors near San Antonio, TX. With a strong background in roofing, you can be confident that we’ll get the job done to the highest standards. If you have any questions about solar panels for homes, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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Contact Us to Get a Free Estimate on Your Solar Panel Installation!


Learn About the Solar Installation Process!

  • STEP 1 - Savings Report

    You get a free energy savings report from our Solar team! This will show you the exact savings, estimates, and how many panels will be installed for your home.

  • STEP 2 - Approval Process

    The approval process literally takes 10 mins! The only requirement for approval is to have a 600+ credit score & show proof of homeownership!

  • STEP 3 - Documents

    Once approved, we will forward you documents to sign to begin the next steps to getting your solar system installed!

  • STEP 4 - Site Survey

    A site survey team will come out to make sure all safety precautions are being taken for your install. Our team will make sure your home is up to code and supports local regulatory processes for solar panels.

  • STEP 5 - CAD/Permit

    Once the survey teams has made sure you’re good to go, our team obtains all permits, and licenses to install panels on your home! This process takes up to 3-4 weeks but could be done much sooner!

  • STEP 6 - Installation

    After a successful install, We proceed to activating your system and backup generator panels if you opted in for the additional services!

Your Go-to Solar Panel Installation Company

Warranties Are Available

At Referred Contracting Group, we aim to be your one-stop destination for residential solar panel installations. We take pride in partnering with top-rated solar tech companies to provide you with nothing but the most powerful systems in the market. This way, you can expect a flat, easy rate that will equal your current energy bill or be 30% cheaper.

Other benefits include:
  • Financing options as low as 1.9%
  • Warranties up to 25 years
  • Tax credits offered by the government 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • And more! 

You may think that this sounds too good to be true, but don’t worry: we’ve got everything figured out for you and anyone near San Antonio, TX. Our staff will handle the paperwork and ensure everything goes smoothly with your solar panel installation. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy watching your bill shrink!

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